Anita Getzler Studio

Fine Art Photography and Inspired ArtWear

Fine Art Photography

Fleeting moments of nature’s grace and beauty become unique abstract and sensual images. By observing the unobserved and removing notions of time and space, these inspirations of water, earth and sky are captured as stunning photographs printed on luminous archival paper.

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Inspired ArtWear

Embody nature’s elements when you wrap yourself in the brilliance of these flowing silk scarves. Be enveloped in water’s transformative energy or earth’s vibrant colors. Each scarf, inspired by a fine art photograph, is digitally printed on silk and transformed into a luxurious work of art.

Wear it. Be inspired. Be the art. →

coincidence triptych

coincidence triptych



"Getzler draws her inspiration and imagery from nature, but she is not merely looking for the patterns in the chaos. Her work is a search for the moments when the patterns in the chaos become something other than themselves. These are not the crisp evocations of nature of an Ansel Adams, but works that deliberately blur the line where light and water meet in the same way a painter might blur the line with a brush stroke."  

Gregory Crosby, Art Critic/Poet